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A warm welcome to every member of the 137+ village in the family.

Snehmilan program is a noble means of lively public relations in public life. Reaching out to every member of the family is a humble endeavor. It is an opportunity to rekindle the intimacy of a relationship by keeping the exchange of mutual affection alive. It is an invaluable festival to unite the various elements of the family in a thread of harmony ... so come every member of the family .... From farmers to industrialists, from jobs to business as well as students from small to high school, let's celebrate Snehaparva together with one-Mac.

Dhameliya Parivar Parivarik Panchamrut Mahotsav 2022 organized by Parivar Surat is held on 05/06/2022 on Sunday from 4:00 pm. So on this auspicious occasion, we cordially invite all of you to come with your family.

Why, and what should be the spirit of the family, such questions have been on the survey for years and beyond and Will continue to happen. But the truth is - always - the truth. Suryapur is a place where no event has happened in the world, no event has ever happened in the world and sometimes an unimaginable event has not happened in any city. (City). In which it is said that this city of the great Daneshwari Karna was called and this Karna used to donate gold daily in this city of Karna. Fortunately for such a city, when we made Karnabhumi, we are here Have lived. The glory of this great force of the land, when our Survey brothers who have been separated for years in this city have come together, there is not a single city in the world except this city where the Survey When we meet and receive the blessings of our forefathers, this will be some of our dreams and aspirations for the future life, if at that time when they are separated with sorrow, they There must have been something wrong with that time. When we meet with the blessing of that sorrow, we have some joy in our life that has really known one-Mac for years, and our own When the price of meeting a blood companion is awakened, our ruvada also rises and we embrace each other. It is natural for such a heart to be awakened.

But we have made this land a land of karma. Here again we are reunited as a family when God has reunited us. Then it does not become our duty that we belong to our ancestors and present - future Thoughts should be formed? In which we, along with the present situation, let our family flourish and emerge as an ideal family and inculcate such inspiration in our wives and daughters in accordance with our rites, The spirit that gives birth to the next generation of Patidars will also emerge as an ideal family And values ​​and motivations as parents arise. While today we are a major contributor to the diamond industry and the textile industry. When we eat the desires of our ancestors What needs to be understood.?

The two chains are made of different metals. One of the gold and the other of the iron then speaks of the link between gold and iron. The gold link is called the iron link. Sister, you are your master I have killed myself. Now you are not tolerated by me, you are not heard, then what can I do for you, sister, when the iron link is crying, crying and saying that hey sonabahen tara malik sagun sampana hai. Seeing you Keeps killing but remember that the one who kills you is also an iron (my grandson's) anvil. And the hammer that strikes you from above is also (my grandson's) iron, but you don't kill yourself (grandson) with anything. Taro mar tu sahan kare che. But, O sister, the anvil that strikes me is also of iron (my granddaughter) and the hammer that strikes above is also of iron (my granddaughter). Can save. Kills me Anu is sad. We need to understand that we should not kill ourselves, become the hands of someone and not become the hands of such anti-social elements.